The Best Afternoon

I don’t have a lot of time for this post.  But these pictures are too good not to share.  We went out this afternoon in search of wildflowers.  Lizzie was in her new dress from Nawnee and wanted to be outside.  I thought the dress plus wildflowers would make some nice pictures.  We went to Beaver Lake in search of wildflowers.  We found something better.

Walking up the path Dogwood Tree Puddle DiscoveryTesting the water Socks got wet Don't need socks  SPLASHOops leggings got wet So Fun! Did you see me? Dirty Big Splash All that water Flowers




4 thoughts on “The Best Afternoon

  1. Wow — you captured the motion. Every frame advances the story. “Can I, Mommy?” “Should I go barefoot?” “Oh let ‘er rip!” … I love the water splasing around Lizzie’s boots and then, at the end, how she pours it out. Great photography! And the dogwoods are beautiful. Yes, the Best Afternoon.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. absolutely wonderful, her expressions tells about the fun she has every moment, and you captured it so beautiful.

  3. This was such a joy to see. I love the enjoyment she is having each and every moment. That is true bliss! The dogwood tree is breathtaking! This will stand out in her memory the rest of her life.

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