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My Four Favorites

For anyone who has sorted through wedding pictures or vacation pictures, you know that picking your favorites is no small task.  Over the last ten days, I’ve taken more pictures than I have for the whole month June and maybe even May and June.  I told Rich that I hadn’t felt very creative with my camera.  I felt like I needed new material.  I mean, I love our daughter, but how many pictures of her do we need?

So while scanning the hodge-podge of pictures from various activities these last ten days, I picked out these four favorites.

Crusty Bread

Crusty Bread -This bread was the result of a very successful experiment and this picture makes me want to make more bread.  How could you pass up such crusty goodness?  Its only downfall is that it is white bread.  ahhh, but it’s so good!  I’ve made bread in my cast iron pot several times before using the techniques from Simply So Good.   But this time, I didn’t have 12-18 hours for the dough to sit so I did some research and then tested it out.  Taking what I learned from Artisan Bread in 5 and what I know about Jim Lahey’s No Knead method, from which I assume the SimplySoGood formula is adapted, I decided to up the amount of yeast to a full teaspoon and let it sit as long as I had time.  The dough rested 4 hours, then shaped it, 30 minutes on the counter and 45 minutes to bake.  So about 5 hours from mixing to table.  Not too bad.  I think the flavor is probably superior when you wait the appointed amount of time, but you know how it is, sometimes I don’t know 12-18 hours ahead of time that I will need/want bread.  Anyway, it turned out and it was delicious!  If you have a dutch oven and you’ve never made the SimplySoGood bread, go mix up a batch now.  You could be eating this for dinner tomorrow!

Turbo Charger

F350 Turbo Charger – I love this picture.  Something about the grittiness of the turbo charger contrasted with the delicate dandelion seed that happened to perfectly float into this little spot.  I didn’t see that when I snapped the picture.  I was trying to take pictures but not be in the way.  It was only when I reviewed them that I discovered it.  I had to go back out to the garage and see if it was really there.  I like the shape of the turbo charger and how in focus it is against the garage backdrop.  I love how industrial and masculine it looks.  Rich spent his first two and half days of vacation getting our truck back in working order.  He has it running now, but he’s still tweaking it to make sure it doesn’t break on me in the next six months.


Spray Roses – For Rich’s homecoming, I bought two bundles of spray roses.  I was planning on buying one set of yellow and one set of red when we went to the store, but I came across these pink tipped roses and fell in love.  Even now, 10 days later, they have only opened this much.  The lighting was just right.  For about 30-45 minutes in the evening, around 6:30, the sun shines through our back window where the dining room table is.  I took this picture during that time.  And of course this picture has my sweetie in it, but this time she’s not the star of the picture.  Oh and I like that they are not in an actual vase but in the mason jar.  That’s my favorite way to do flowers.  I don’t have flowers in the house often enough.


Splash! – Honestly, I can’t take credit for this picture.  Lizzie took it.  Seriously. With my little point and shoot camera.  We took the boat out the other day and I took my nice camera to take pictures before and after getting on the boat.  Then I brought the little point and shoot for on the boat.  We brought the dog on the boat too and I ended up spending most of the time wrangling the dog.  Lizzie asked if she could take some pictures and I said sure.  She wanted a picture of the sky and the oars and the ripples.  While we were on the boat, I said I wished I could take my nice camera so I could take some pictures of the splashes.  Well, it turned out that Lizzie captured the picture I wanted.  I love the action in this picture.  I love how you can see the splash so well.  I’m pretty surprised with the point and shoot.  I shouldn’t knock it so much maybe.

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday.  We are still enjoying our time with Rich.  We get to keep him for one more week.  It’s been so nice having him home again.  It’s so much easier to write and take pictures when I’m not as stressed and tired.  But as I say so often, one day at a time.  Have a great night!  I’ll talk to you later.



One thought on “My Four Favorites

  1. I love the Splash pic. Incredible stuff from a five year old with a point and shoot. Wow! I love the roses too. I agree flowers are so pretty in jars and they certainly make a home feel more special. I have been enjoying the zinnias from my garden in bouquets. I can almost taste the bread. The turbo charger would look great in the office. Glad you are having a wonderful respite from single motherhood. Love and miss ya’ll.

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