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Beautiful Beast

So Lizzie and I were a bit bored this morning.  I decided we needed an outing.  We packed a lunch and set off.  As we strolled through the Alabama countryside, we came upon this Beautiful Beast sunning himself by a gentle stream.  And I said to him, Dear Tiger you are such a stunning creature.  May I take your photograph, else no one will believe we met you?  And he said that I may so long as he did not have to get up because it was such a hot day and he was already quite comfortable.  I said, I wouldn’t dream of asking you to arouse yourself on our account.  And so, I snapped some lovely shots of this magnificent feline before we continued on our way.  :)

:) :) :) :)

I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.  I was just so pleased with this shot from the Montgomery Zoo today.  This Bengal tiger was just laying there so close to the glass and you can’t even tell that I took it through the glass.

The Montgomery Zoo is fairly small as far as zoos go, but we had never been there and I was never one to turn down a zoo.  Plus, last night I had been playing with the idea of doing another 7 Day Project.  I have just enough time before we start school (Aug 11).  I wasn’t really inspired by anything around the house or by the thought of anywhere in Enterprise.  We needed to get out of the house anyway.  Lizzie was already settling into an I’m-bored-please-entertain-me sort of mood.  At the mention of Zoo, there was little else I had to say to get her to put shoes on, collect her car essentials (blanket and puppy), and get her out the door.  Seriously.  We left in record time.  I even abandoned breakfast dishes in the sink.

He's SO Tall!

We listened to The Horse and his Boy audiobook on the way up and it was a pretty easy drive.  We had just started the story yesterday and so it was actually the perfect book for a trip to go see animals.  sigh….if only the animals could REALLY talk. :)  As always, I want to go to Narnia….

But anyway, it was supposed to rain so the zoo wasn’t at all crowded.  We fed the giraffe , brushed a goat at the petting zoo, and took a lot of pictures.  The rain didn’t show up while we were there.


Lizzie said the only thing she was upset about was that we missed the Elephant Talk.  We could have gone to it, but it was hot and I didn’t hurry us back to Africa for it because we were busy in South America at the time.  I’ve already decided that we will go back during the school year for a field trip when the weather is a bit cooler.

Almost 4 feet

We are pretty excited about school this year.  I have a new curriculum for us and we are eager to start.  We are starting earlier than I originally planned for several reason: 1. We are totally bored.  2. We are going to move at some point during the school year and Rich is coming home for good in January so I have to account for a longish winter break.  3.  I might be starting school on August 18th so I didn’t want Lizzie’s first week to be the same as mine.

I didn’t tell hardly anyone, but back in June I applied for graduate school at Florida Tech.  I want to finish up my math masters.  I found out last week that I got accepted.  I was very excited because they took me with no GRE scores.  I suppose since I had one masters already then that was good enough for them.  It’s through their virtual campus so perhaps they are less stringent for that program.  Anyway, I’m not sure if I will be able to start.  I only want to take one class this semester (Applied Discrete Math), but we’re just trying to figure out how financial aid works and all that business.  They require full payment by August 11th so it’s not looking so good right now.  We were going to transfer over part of Rich’s GI bill, but decided against it since I won’t be a full-time student.  I don’t feel like explaining the ins and outs of that, but suffice it to say, I’m still figuring out how we will fund school.  I don’t think it’s impossible.  I’m forever optimistic.  I will probably talk to the financial aid office on Monday.

Other Side

(You can see the zoo windows in the background on this one.  And then in the next one you can see the door that the zookeeper uses.)  I was really glad we made the trip today.  It is a little less than 2 hours each way and we were at the zoo 2 hours so we left the dog for 6 total.  That was the max I feel comfortable leaving her without someone coming by.  She was so happy when we got home.  I could tell from her behavior and the house that we hadn’t pushed her into the stressed-out dog state.  So that was good.  It was a spur of the moment decision to go so I had no one to let her out while we were gone.

Oh and after today’s outing, I decided against another 7 day project.  Mostly because I have some other things I need to accomplish this week.   I figure if my financial aid for school doesn’t work out, then I’ll have more time to devote to photography over the next few month so why force it into one week.  And if I do another photography project then it will probably be something totally different.

Sleepy Feline

He was just so striking.  I had to take a bunch of pictures of him.  Wouldn’t you?

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  I’ll talk to you soon.





4 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Alexia, these pictures are wonderful, it looks like you could reach out and scratch this BIG Kitty behind the ears, so calm and relaxed, great shots.. I’ll always remember how much you liked going to the small City-Park Zoo in Pueblo, I am not sure how many times we went during the yearly visits, but it was always fun to go with you and Jessica.

    Wow, Lizzie is already 3 1/2 ‘ + tall, what a great smile, love it all.

    • I think when you are little, small has a different perspective. I never thought the Pueblo Zoo was small. Lizzie didn’t think the Montgomery zoo was small at all and was plenty tired from the walking. So I guess I should call it a big-enough zoo. :)

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