Tomato Trouble

Once upon this evening, there was a little girl named Elizabeth.

Now Elizabeth did not like tomatoes.  Not one little bit.

Grape Tomatoes

She did not like them fresh or fried.  She did not like them canned or dried. How about dipped in Ranch Dressing? No way Jose! Marinara on her pasta?  No thank you!  Salsa?  Maybe a teeny-tiny dip for a tortilla chip.

But what about pizza??  Well…….pizza sauce was different, that was ok.  It was PIZZA, after all.  But ultimately, if she had to choose, Elizabeth preferred crust, cheese, and toppings only on her pizza.

Fresh Herbs

Her parents knew this.  For years, they had made her special servings of anti-tomato meals.   And then one night, her mother forgot.

Her mother wasn’t thinking one little bit when she told Elizabeth they would have pizza for dinner.  She wasn’t thinking one little bit as she layered freshly chopped tomatoes and herbs on to Elizabeth’s portion.  She wasn’t thinking when she said Dinner time!

Bruschetta on French Bread

Elizabeth sat down with a Hrumf!  What was THIS on her plate?  Her mother said, It’s Pizza and you’re going to eat it.  Her father said, she could eat or get sent to her room.  She decided to brave the meal.  She took one miniscule bite.

Assembling Pizzas

But it was just too much!  Ugh, that horrible tomato-y-ness filled her mouth.  She had to spit it back out on the plate.  And then Elizabeth started to cry over her dinner.  Those tomatoes had just ruined that nice French Bread.  Even the yummy Italian sausage was no match for the overwhelming tomato flavor.

Elizabeth was sent to her room.

Sprinkle of Parmasan

Her parents were at their wit’s end.  What could they do?  No dinner at all?  Let the child have her way?  They sighed a deep sigh and decided: A new plate of food was the only real answer.

Her dad called her back and spoke to her softly.  Elizabeth walked into the kitchen and said “I’m sorry mommy for not liking dinner.”

Bruschetta Pizza and Salad

She sat down at her new anti-tomato plate and said, “Mommy, Do you forgive me?”  Of course I do sweetie.  Now eat your food.




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